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(American Artist/Musician, b. 1959)

"Discover Extraordinary Oil Painting Prints with Captivating Stories and Passionate Strokes"

Welcome to our gallery, where art comes alive with profound narratives and an artist's unwavering passion. Born and raised in the idyllic coastal town of Torrance, California, surrounded by vast open fields, I have carried the spirit of my picturesque childhood throughout my artistic journey. From Los Angeles to Palm Desert, where I currently reside, my life has been a tapestry of creativity and expression.

With a degree in Music/Composition from UCLA, my professional career led me down the path of a systems analyst for a toy corporation, while also sharing my musical knowledge as a part-time instructor at a private music school. However, my true calling has always been painting, composing music, and crafting acoustic guitars, endeavors that have filled my free time and fueled my soul.

Painting has been an integral part of my life since my teenage years. In the 1980s, I immersed myself in the world of abstract art, exploring its enigmatic depths. As the 1990s unfolded, my artistic focus shifted towards realism, portraiture, and landscapes, reflecting my ever-evolving perspective. (Click on RETRO to delve into a retrospective of my past works, or explore MUSIC to listen to my original songs and compositions.)

In 2020, I embarked on a remarkable journey back to my abstract roots. Armed with palette knives and pigmented paints, I began creating a series of exclusive abstract works on canvas, linen, and masonite supports. Each stroke is infused with intention and carries a story of its own.

To share these profound artworks with art enthusiasts like you, we offer digital archival prints meticulously crafted by Visual Arts Imaging in Palm Springs, CA. Imbued with meticulous attention to detail, our prints are produced on FineArt textured archival paper (310g), perfectly complementing the essence of each image.

You can choose from two sizes:

  1. The original size of the painting, accompanied by a 1" white border.

  2. An enlarged size, 1.5 times the original dimensions, also with a 1" white border.

Step into the realm of our inaugural series, SUBTERRANEAN, featuring 18 mesmerizing oil paintings. Each artwork possesses its unique title, capturing the essence of the inspiration behind it. Painted from January 2020 to January 2021, this collection coincided with a tumultuous era of unprecedented change—political turmoil, a global pandemic, and a breakdown in media and communication, leaving behind an atmosphere of uncertainty.

Join us on this artistic odyssey as we invite you to explore our gallery.


Immerse yourself in the stories woven within each stroke, and let the passion of our oil painting prints ignite your imagination. Welcome to a world where art meets emotion.

Check out my gallery:                       Enjoy the view! 


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