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In this session I am mixing pthalo blue and French ultramarine blue with a bit of white to get a few different shades of dark blue. Then I add purple, yellow, pink and white to give the upper half more color.

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This is the first of a series of posts documenting my process and approach. In this post I am laying in the background in acrylic paint. I usually keep this layer on the thin side, but this time I put down a fairly thick base. I think the rest of the painting will be done using oil paints after this layer is completely dry..

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I will be posting my progress along the way with videos and images and hopefully a little music mixed in now and then. Feel free to chime in!

I just ordered four 36x24 canvases to go along with this painting which is number one. Still working on it. No title yet.

The next painting will be 36x36 because that is the size of the blank canvas sitting in my studio. I will be making a video soon as I begin to work on it.

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